Path Pro 2

Path Pro 2

A Residential Plow That’s Perfect For What You Drive

The Path Pro 2 is perfect for today’s SUVs and  light pick-ups equipped with a Class- 3, 5cm front receiver hitch.  It’s perfect for clearing a long driveway or small lot. The Path Pro 2 is available in a steel 2,03m blade length with electric lift or manual lift.



Optimum Performance For Your SUV or Light Truck

The Path Pro 2 features a 2,03 m long x  46 cm high steel moldboard.  This allows for optimal snow removal when paired with your SUV or light pickup truck.

  1. Dura Slick™ Powder Paint provides better snow rolling action for increased clearing performance
  2. Trip springs to absorb the shock upon impact and assist the plow to self-angle left or right
  3. Plow markers to help determine the front and side edge of the moldboard


Two Reliable Options To Raise And Lower The Plow

The Path Pro 2’s reliable and responsive electrically powered lift is operated with a wireless control key fob to control the up/down blade motion. Or if you prefer an economical option, we also offer a manual lift model.  

Electric Lift With a Remote Key Fob (Model # 23275)

Allows you to raise and lower the plow while you stay warm and dry inside your vehicle.

Electric Lift With a Remote Key Fob

Manual Lift (Model #23175)

Available for reliable and affordable convenience. 

Manual Lift

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Path Pro 2 Couldn’t Be Easier To Use

The Path Pro 2 uses a quick- to-attach mounting system and features self-angling for left/right blade movement. Plus the Path Pro 2 comes ready to assemble in an easy-to-transport carton. No homeowner plow is easier to use.  

Quick- Link™ Mounting System

Allows you to attach the plow in less than one minute to the front of your vehicle using a Class 3, 5cm (2 inches) front receiver hitch.

Quick- Link Mounting System


Allows the Path Pro 2 moldboard to angle without any power supplied help. Self-angling allows the blade to angle left or right when it encounters the weight of the snow on the blade.


Fixed Angling 

The Path Pro 2 plow is equipped with a fixed angle pin.  So if you prefer to lock the Path Pro 2 blade into a right or left angle position, simply manually push the plow left or right and drop the fixed angle pin into the hole to lock the plow into the desired position.

Fixed Angling

Easy Moldboard Assembly

The Path Pro 2 comes complete in an easy-to-transport carton. The plow assembles in under an hour using household tools.

Easy Moldboard Assembly

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