Insert Hoppers

  • Crossfire Insert Hopper Spreader

    Crossfire Insert Hopper Spreader

    A tough job like yours deserves the best in the industry. The Crossfire insert salt spreader comes with a five-year warranty, the best out there. Made for 3/4-ton+ pickup trucks, the Crossfire comes in 6- and 8-foot lengths and deluxe models are designed with an integrated pre-wetting system. There are no other insert hoppers for pick-up trucks with an integrated pre-wetting system.

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  • Polyhawk Insert Hopper Spreader

    Polyhawk Insert Hopper Spreader

    There are reliable spreaders, and then there’s the Polyhawk. Featuring an unprecedented 10-year warranty and a virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper, Meyer created the Polyhawk to serve you for this winter and many winters to come. Designed for professional use, this spreader fits 3/4- to one-ton pickup trucks and its drag-chain material movement system is best used with aggregate or material that is less than free flowing. 

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  • Base Line 600 Insert Hopper Spreader

    Base Line 600 Insert Hopper Spreader

    The ultimate spreader for professionals who want an all-season hopper spreader at an economical price. The Base Line 600 is made of stainless steel for years of reliable service in the worst conditions. This extra-large capacity hopper fits into long and short bed pick-up trucks and is designed for maximum rear window visibility.

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  • PV Insert Hopper Spreader

    PV Insert Hopper Spreader

    Variety is the spice of life, and that goes for Meyer insert hopper spreaders, too. These spreaders for ¾- to one-ton pick-up trucks come in a variety of lengths, power units and materials.  All use a drag chain conveyer and most are made of stainless steel.

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  • MDV Insert Hopper Spreader

    MDV Insert Hopper Spreader

    When your full-time job is controlling ice and snow, you need a spreader that can stand up to the task. Meyer Medium-duty V-boxes spreaders (MDVs) provide medium-duty and super-duty (15,000 GVW and larger) trucks with highway-style spreader performance.

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  • Utility LPV Insert Hopper Spreader

    Utility LPV Insert Hopper Spreader

    Turn your utility vehicle into an all-season spreading machine. Meyer’s Utility LPV spreader can hold more and spread farther than hitch-mounted utility vehicle spreaders. Plus, it fits conveniently into the back of today’s most popular utility vehicles. 

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