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Invented And Reinvented. Since 1926.

We're proud to say we created the world's first automobile snow plow. But we're even more proud to say that spirit of invention and innovation lives on today. We're constantly in search of ideas and new ways to make snow and ice management easier and more efficient, because you're never satisfied until the job is done right, and neither are we. 


  • Power Box

    Power Box

    The One And Only Expandable Containment Plow

    Power Box™ is a revolutionary containment plow that automatically extends from 8'-12' using your machine's controls.
    Discover what the Power Box can do
  • Skid Steer V-Plow

    Skid Steer V-Plow

    As Versatile As Your Skid Steer

    Your skid steer allows versatility, so should the plow you place on it.  Introducing the Super-V2 universal plate mount plow.
    Discover what the Skid Steer V-Plow can do
  • The New Drive Pro

    The New Drive Pro

    20% Lighter And Strong As Ever

    The Drive Pro is made of lightweight, high-strength steel and is enginneered to help maximize fuel economy while reducing carbon emmisions.
    Discover what the Drive Pro Plow can do