Understanding the Components of a Snow Plow, Filtered by tag: snow plowing

Whether you are looking to plow your own driveway or work as a contractor offering snow removal services, understanding the function of key snow plow components provides a foundation for success.

Moldboard – A steel or polyethylene sheet that is molded into a curve and is impact and corrosion resistant.

Cutting Edge – A replaceable carbon steel edge that is bolted at the bottom of the moldboard.  It provides extra-long operating life of the moldboard.  A cutting edge should be 1/2" above the ground when plow shoes are used and the moldboard is in plowing position; it can be higher when used on gravel driveways.  Cutting edges are also available in urethane or rubber.

Trip Springs – Depending on the plow model, trip springs allow the moldboard to trip forward or the cutting edge to trip backward upon impact and ride over obstructions; this protects the snow plow, vehicle, and driver.

A-Frame – Designed to attach the snow plow to the vehicle, to pivot the moldboard for angled plowing, and to hold the plow at the proper distance in front of vehicle.

Pivot Bar – Attaches the moldboard to the A-frame.  

King Bolt – Heavy-duty high-grade bolt that attaches the A-frame to the pivot bar.

Power Angling Cylinders – Heavy-duty winter specified hydraulics that move the plow left/right or extend/retract wings on v-plow models.

Clevis Frame – Allows the snow plow assembly to be attached or detached from the vehicle in minutes.

Mounting Frame – A custom mount designed to fit the plow system to your vehicle.

Lift Frame – Allows for fast, complete removal of front end hardware, moldboard, lights and hydraulic unit in one complete module.

Lift Arm – A steel arm that holds a chain to lift the snow plow.

Hydraulic Power Unit and Lift Cylinder – Operates the snow plow hydraulically - raises, lowers, angles, holds and floats the moldboard.

Crank Stand – Positions moldboard and lift frame for easy attaching and detaching. It adjusts the plow height in varying ground conditions for easy mount/dismount.

Plow Markers – Attach to the top corners of a moldboard to provide a line of site to the vehicle.
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