Choosing The Right Plow

How do I know if my vehicle is recommended for a snow plowing application?

Only vehicles that have the vehicle manufacturer’s snow plow prep package are recommended for snow plowing. GM uses the "VYU" option code. Ford uses the "86M" option code. Dodge uses the "AHH" or "AHD" option code. Plowing without the original Snow Plow Preparation Package may damage your vehicle, and the added weight to the equipment may impair the operation and control of the vehicle . Plowing with a vehicle that the manufacturer does not recommend for that purpose may void your new vehicle warranty. If your vehicle is not originally equipped with the Snow Plow Package, additional parts may be necessary before snow plowing. Owners of these vehicles should consult their dealers before purchase or installation of such parts. CAUTION: the installation, on any vehicle, of these parts is not a full substitute for the original equipment Snow Plow Preparation Package.

How do I select a plow best suited for my truck?

Downsized vehicles will use the TM, TMP or DP series snow plows. Examples of these vehicles include the Wrangler, Tacoma, Colorado/Canyon, Ranger, etc… 1/2 ton vehicles will use either the STL, ST, STP, DP or DPP series plows. These plows are for non-commercial/personal use only. 3/4 and 1 ton vehicles, or vehicles up to 17000 GVW, will use the C,CP, LP,LPP or AG series commercial snow plows. Vehicles 17000 to 27,000 GVW will use the HM or HMP heavy municipal series plows. Vehicles 27,000 to 33,000 GVW will use the RP series plows. We have developed a specific snow plow selector that is based on your exact truck model. Click here to search the plow or plows you may select from.


How do I adjust the drop speed on my E-60/E-60H?

Using an 11/16" wrench remove the plug. Insert a 3/16" allen wrench into the hole and turn the screw clockwise to decrease the drop speed, or turn the screw counter-clockwise to increase the drop speed. Always re-install the plug before operating to prevent fluid loss.

How do I adjust the drop speed on my E-58H/E-61/E-68?

Using an 1/2" wrench loosen the jam nut on the PA Block on the driver side or front of the unit and turn the screw clockwise to decrease the drop speed, or turn the screw counter-clockwise to increase the drop speed.

Where can I get troubleshooting information or a repair manual for my Hydraulic Unit?

Shop manuals include troubleshooting diagrams and can be purchased thru your local Meyer Distributor. E-46, E-47 and E-57 Shop Manual Form 1-562 E-60 Shop Manual Form 1-667. Click here to view common Service Manuals available for pdf download.


Will the mount from my old truck fit onto my new truck?

Mountings are designed specifically for a particular vehicle. Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles all have different frames. Each vehicle manufacturer may use the same frame for a number of years.

Snow Plow Blades

Why is my cutting edge wearing unevenly?

The plow does not sit flat on the ground when fully angled. This will occur when the clevis height on the vehicle is not correct. The A-frame which connects from the plow to the vehicle must be level with the ground while the plow is sitting on the ground.


Why is the Meyer Warranty non-transferrable with a change of ownership when the age of the plow is still within the warranty period?

The Meyer Warranty is non-transferrable primarily because the product is not a stand-alone unit. Plows require a power unit to operate; truck, skid steer, tractor, utility vehicle, etc. Each of these vehicles has certain specifications that must be met in order to safely accept a plow. The Meyer Warranty is valid only when the product is originally installed by an Authorized Meyer Distributor who knows how to properly install the plow to meet the vehicle specifications. Meyer has no way of knowing if a second-hand installation was done by an Authorized Meyer Distributor or a non-authorized installer. In addition, we have found in some instances that genuine Meyer replacement parts have not been used, which of course voids the Meyer Warranty. Therefore, the Meyer Warranty is only valid for the original installation when performed by an Authorized Meyer Distributor. If you have any questions, or if you need further information please contact Meyer Products.