Drive Pro LD

Drive Pro LD

An Easy-To-Use Lightweight Contractor-grade Plow

When you add a Meyer® Drive Pro LD plow to your SUV or light truck, you get the perfect solution for plowing small lots, long driveways or any narrow area where a large truck can’t fit. This lightweight contractor-grade steel plow features a 5cm receiver mount and 2,03m moldboard. Full hydraulics moves the Drive Pro LD moldboard up/down and left/right. 



    Built To Perform

    The Drive Pro LD features Dura Slick ™ powder paint and a 55.88cm high x 2,03m long steel moldboard. This allows for optimal snow removal when paired with your SUV or light truck. The durable cutting edge allows for better clearing performance.

    Dura-Slick Paint with Teflon®

    All Meyer carbon steel moldboards are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick™ Paint. This automotive-style paint with Teflon® is baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action. It's the reason why Meyer plows throw snow farther and move it faster than the competition.


    Durable Cutting Edge

    A durable cutting edge allows better scraping and clearing of snow and ice.


    Trip Springs

    Two trip springs absorb shock impact with snow or hidden obstructions.



    Reliable Right/Left Plow Action

    Drive Pro LD (mdel # 26800) features full hydraulics to move the plow right/left or up/down at the press of a pistol grip controller.

    Full Hydraulic Model #26800

    Full hydraulics moves the Drive Pro LD model 26800 up/down/right/left at the press of a 4-way pistol grip controller.   





    Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    Quick-Link™ Mounting Makes The Plow Easy To Attach

    The Drive Pro LD features Quick-Link™, an easy-to-use mounting system that slides into a Class 3, 5cm front receiver hitch, which is sold separately. This allows you to attach/detach the plow in minutes without tools. The Drive Pro LD comes pre-assembled so there is no assembly required and the integrated wheels make it easy to move the plow on and off your vehicle.

    No Assembly Required

    The Drive Pro LD comes pre-built in a crate, so no assembly is required.

    Wheels for Easy On/Off

    Integrated wheels allow for easy on/off. So when the Drive Pro LD plow is rolled away, your vehicle has a clean front end.



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    Quick Facts:

    • Type: Full-Trip

    • Vehicle:  Full-size SUVs, light-duty pickups, half-ton pickups

    • Construction: Lightweight, high-strength steel

    • Part #: 26800 Blade Type: Steel Moldboard Length: 6' 8" 203 cm Moldboard Height: 22" 56 cm
      Moldboard Gauge: 14 ga 1,9 mm Vertical Ribs: 4 Plow Trip Springs: 2 Cutting Edge: 3/8" x 6" 0,95 cm X 15,24 cm
      Avg Width at Full Angle: 80" 203 cm Angling Rams: 1 2,54 cm x Weight Complete: 279 lbs 127 kg
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