Broadcast Spreaders

  • Hotshot-70/HD/100 HD Broadcast Spreader

    Hotshot-70/HD/100 HD Broadcast Spreader

    An all-season spreader gets a lot of use, so you want a product you can trust. Meyer’s premium walk-behind spreaders, Hotshots, were built to handle extreme conditions year-round and can hold 70 or 100 pounds of material with a maximum spread range of 12 feet to 18 feet, depending on the model. Heavy-duty models are made of stainless steel.

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  • Hotshot-85 Broadcast Spreader

    Hotshot-85 Broadcast Spreader

    Equipped with standard features that are additional options on many competitive models, the Hotshot-85 is an economical professional-grade broadcast spreader. This model holds up to 85 pounds of material and is durable and reliable for year-round use.

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