Accessories Help Snowplowing Efficiency

As a snow and ice removal professional, people are relying on you to make sure roads, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks are free of snow and ice.  To be productive as possible, snowplow accessories are a must.  But sifting through all the choices can seem a bit overwhelming, so Meyer has listed some of the key plow accessories that are available to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Cutting Edges
Whether you’re attaching a plow to a pickup, tractor or ATV, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of using the standard steel cutting edge on a plow versus a rubber or urethane cutting edge.
As with most things made from steel, plows with steel cutting edges are built to last and meet the demands of a tough environment. A steel cutting edge is much harder and can withstand more wear and tear than a plow edge made from rubber or urethane. Investing in a steel edge saves more money over time by reducing how often the cutting edge must be replaced. Steel stands up to packed snow and ice making removal easier.
However, plows with a steel cutting edge may be damaging to the sealants or pavers on driveways, causing them to wear down over time. Because of this, a polyurethane cutting edge may be a better alternative. Rubber cutting edges are much quieter and less damaging to ground surfaces than their steel counterpart, but urethane is less likely than rubber to bounce or chatter on a surface so it offers maximum plowing performance.
Snow Shoes
Snow shoes allow the scraping height of the cutting edge to run up to one inch higher when plowing on gravel which reduces hang-ups and catching of unwanted objects.
Snow Deflectors
Another accessory to consider using is a snow deflector on the top edge of the plow.  This helps to keep blowing snow off your windshield and improves your visibility when plowing.
Curb Guards
Curb guards protect the bottom right and left edge of your plow from driver abuse and hidden obstructions. They allow longer plow life.
Meyer WingMan Snow Shoes
Meyer WingMan Snow Shoes
Snowplow Wings
Snow plow wings extend the length of your plow so you can move more snow quicker and faster.  Adding snowplow wings allows your plowing performance to be more efficient.

Safety Lights
If you’re plowing in early morning hours, accessories like safety lights can be invaluable because they help others see you plowing which increases your safety and theirs.

Taking advantage of the right snow and ice management equipment and using plowing accessories can greatly increase your efficiency and give you an edge this winter.

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