Read the warranty before buying a plow or spreader

Any time you make a substantial investment in an important piece of equipment, you need to know whether the manufacturer or dealer will stand behind what they sell. While a warranty can go a long way toward ensuring a product performs and lasts as advertised, remember that a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.
Obviously, a written warranty is much stronger than a verbal or implied warranty. By putting a warranty in writing, a company is not only standing behind what it sells, but also legally specifying the terms and conditions of the warranty.
When you’re shopping for any large item like a snowplow or a spreader, a warranty should always be a part of your purchase decision. Here are some general topics to consider when reading any warranty:
  • Check the warranty to see how long it lasts, when it begins, when it expires, and what conditions void coverage.
  • Check to see what parts or repairs are covered, as well as whether the company will repair or replace the item.
  • Find out who to contact to get warranty service. A seller may offer a warranty, but remember, the warranty is only as strong as the company that stands behind it. Manufacturers and authorized dealers offer stronger warranty protection because they have invested more in their business reputations than an independent seller or retailer. In addition, a manufacturer’s warranty is better than a service contract from an independent party or seller because the replacement parts will come directly from the manufacturer and will be installed by certified and factory-trained technicians.
  • Another pitfall of a warranty from an independent seller or retailer is the use of aftermarket components, which could void the manufacturer’s original warranty, or cause premature failure of other individual components as well as the entire system.
  • Be aware of how easy it will be to have warranty service performed, as well as how easy it is to locate an authorized dealer that backs the warranty.
  • Make sure the warranty provides the coverage that meets your needs.
When it comes to snowplows and select spreaders, Meyer Products offers one of the strongest and longest warranties in the industry. Meyer plows and operating systems are covered for a full two years without a warranty registration. However, if you go onto the our website and register your plow or select spreader, you receive an additional three years of coverage, meaning your equipment is covered for a full five years on non-wear items. Naturally, there are a few exceptions, mainly caused by abuse or misuse of the product.
How is able for Meyer Products to offer such a strong warranty? It comes down to one word: confidence.
Backed by years of product design and thorough product testing as well as years of service testing in the field, Meyer Products is confident its plows and spreaders will last as advertised and be free from defects in materials or workmanship. Meyer Products field tests its product designs in the field for two years before ever bringing a product to market. Then there’s the rigorous quality control disciplines used in the construction of every Meyer Products plow, spreader or component.
Meyer has also upped the stakes in terms of the materials and design of its, including the incorporation of tubular steel on push and A-frames on plows, as well as the use of slot and slab construction. Meyer plows also feature: robotically welded seams and cross sections, heavy duty trip springs, easy access grease points, and more.
Interested in learning more about Meyer Products’ industry-leading warranty? Talk to a Meyer Products authorized dealer or representative, or visit:
Once you do, you’ll see why Meyer Products has confidence in its products backed by a warranty that gives you peace of mind as well.
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