In-Season Plow Maintenance Keeps You on the Job

While it’s always important to plow when it snows, it’s equally important to perform preventative maintenance on winter days when no plowing is necessary.

Inspect the cutting edge of your plow for excessive wear and tear. Replace it when it appears worn to approximately four inches on straight plows. On V-Plows, such as the Meyer Super-V. Flipping the cutting edge when one inch is worn off will prevent damage to the moldboard. Check and re-tighten all mounting bolts on a regular basis.

Inspect the moldboard runners and replace them when they start to wear through. Adjust the runners to maintain a cutting edge height of a quarter to half an inch.

This is also a good time to adjust the drop speed of the plow. On a Meyer Plow, turning the lower adjusting screw clockwise decreases its speed, while turning counterclockwise will increase drop speed.

Adjust the spring tension so a paper easily slides between the coils. Grease the pivot pins and king bolt with a grease gun. They are provided with a grease fitting for this purpose. This will keep your plow angling smoothly and securely.

Make sure that all lights are operating, and that electrical connections are tight, clean and free of corrosion. Make sure wires are not cracked, damaged or corroded in any way. It’s also advisable to add dielectric grease at least once a month to prevent corrosion.

Check all hoses for bubbles, cuts or other damage. A failure in a hose or coupler will result in the loss of oil pressure and cause a power angling failure, which will take you off a job. Check rams for rust and leaks that can allow water to get into your hydraulic system, which could result in freeze ups. Always use the proper replacement parts as specified by your manufacturer.

Check the oil level. Remember to check your fluid with the lift and v-plow wing position fully retracted. If the fluid looks dirty, change it. Use (#15134) Meyer Hydraulic M-1 Fluid. You should change your fluid at least once a year.

If it looks like you will have a spell of good weather, you may want to store your plow, until another snow event is on the horizon. After disconnecting the plow, extend the lift cylinder to the end of its stroke and coat it with light grease. This fills the cylinder with hydraulic fluid, and protects the interior from rust and corrosion. While you’re at it, coat the exposed portions of the angle rod with grease. Coat all pivot pins and wear points with grease as well.

Make sure you unplug all electrical connections and lights, once again using a dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.

Following these general preventive maintenance tips can improve your productivity when snow flies and protect the investment you have made in your snow removal equipment. Naturally, specific maintenance steps will vary according to the specific model of plow that you own. For more specific steps, refer to your owner’s manual, or call your local Meyer dealer or representative. They know what to do to keep your plow in tip-top shape and keep you on the job throughout the snow removal season.

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