Post-Season Plow Maintenance Tips

From sub-zero temperatures to nasty snow storms, it’s been difficult for much of the country – and especially those in the snow and ice management industry - to keep up with Old Man Winter this season.

With so much attention being paid to keeping your plow and vehicle on the road right now, it’s important to remember that eventually that last snowflake is going to fly, the temperatures will warm up, and you will be able to store your plow.

Like you do during the plowing season, you can and should take steps during the post-season to ensure your plow and vehicle operate to the best of their potential for many years to come. 

Drain & Replace Meyer Hydraulic Fluid M-1

Specially formulated with anti-ice additive for almost constant viscosity in subzero temperatures. It is effective for a maximum of one year. Always carry an extra quart of Meyer Hydraulic Fluid M-1 (use of inferior fluids will void the Meyer warranty). 

The complete hydraulic system should be flushed out with Meyer Hydra-Flush before adding new Meyer Hydraulic Fluid. 


Hydra Flush advanced technology maintains your lift’s maximum performance by removing contaminants and performance robbing deposits. Hydra-flush protects and preserves the life of your pump, seals, o-rings, and hoses, It is ideal for off-season storage. 

Screen-Type Filters

Clean the filters (all models) with mineral spirits or equivalent and blow out with compressed air. 

Protect Against Rust and Corrosion

  1. Coat all pivot pins and other wear points with chassis lubricant.
  2. Unplug all electrical connections at power unit.
  3. Use Sno-flo Powder Coat to touch-up paint to prevent rusting.
  4. Remove EZ Mount lift frame module from vehicle. Liberally coat insides of clevis from receiver tubes and ends of lift frame with chassis grease/anti-seize lubricant. Protect clevis frame receiver tubes from dirt and other types of contamination by installing the receiver tube caps when the lift frame is removed from the vehicle. 
  5. Check Your Owner’s Manual

Last but not least, if you’re currently a Meyer customer, remember that you can always check your Meyer Owner’s Manual for more preventive maintenance tips. 

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