Half-ton / 150 / 1500

  • Lot Pro LD

    Lot Pro LD

    Your 1/2-ton pickup is capable of making the snowiest lots look like summer scenes with the Lot Pro Light Duty (LD). This commercial-grade plow is perfect for contractors with 1/2-ton trucks who need to plow large parking lots and streets. So go ahead; be unstoppable.

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  • Super-V LD

    Super-V LD

    Why let the big guys have all the fun? We know your 1/2-ton pickup is capable of the toughest jobs, which is why we created the Meyer Super-V Light Duty (LD). With a plow spanning 7’6” in length, the Super-V LD has trip-edge moldboards for more efficient and shock-absorbent plowing. 

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  • The New Drive Pro

    The New Drive Pro

    Take charge of clearing snow from tight spots like narrow driveways and alleys. The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snow plow operated from the comfort of your SUV or light-duty pickup. Great for the jobs that larger trucks just can’t get to.

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