Power Box

Power Box

Introducing The Only Box Plow That Will Go To Any Length To Get The Snow

You've got the ultimate flexibility with Power Box™. Weighing in at over one ton, this patented system has hydraulically controlled wings to allow you to go from 8' to 12' wide or anywhere in between. It allows you to do a more efficient, more effective job of clearing narrow areas and open lots. It even flips over for effective back-dragging of snow, mud, manure and more. The Power Box works on skid steers, tractors and compact wheel loaders using a standard universal plate system.


The Most Versatile Box Plow

Using the machine's controls, the Power Box flips over quickly and easily for effective back-dragging. The Power Box's wings are powered by the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid steer, tractor or compact wheel loader allowing the plow to go from 8' to 12' in seconds. Ground Tracking Technology™ assures a clean push or drag of snow, mud, manure and more...anywhere and aytime of the year. 

Wings Expand and Contract In Seconds

When in a tight situation, the Power Box's wings can expand or contract in seconds without leaving the comfort of your cab. This allows you to acheive the plow length you desire to help you get around the parked car that's sticking out. What else could be easier or more efficient?


Ground Tracking Technology™ (GTT)

Our patented Ground Tracking Technology enables the Power Box to pivot up to 20-degrees in either direction, allowing it to automatically follow uneven contours to clean off more snow. Ground Tracking Technology levels the plow during transport and allows the plow to mount more easily on uneven surfaces because the mount stays level even if the plow is not. See Ground Tracking Technology in Action.


Safer Transport

Unlike traditional box plows, the Power Box allows you to automatically reduce the width of the wings in order to travel to the next location. This exclusive feature reduces the possibility of any side swipes or accidents while traveling to your next job site.



2,000 Pounds Of Reliable Performance

Weighing in at over one ton, the Power Box is built with the same stringent and storied Meyer quality control all our plows receive, assuring they are more rugged and reliable and earning them the much admired and appreciated ‘longest warranty in the industry’.

Strongest Moldboard in the Industry

Both the main plow and wings are a full quarter-inch thick steel built using a sure and sturdy slot and tab construction method. This makes for a stronger, more precise fitting plow. The laser cut ribs that have been robotically welded (another Meyer exclusive) further assure the plow won’t twist and turn and will provide you years of reliable service in even the most punishing conditions.

Self-lubricating Slides

The polyurethane slides assure smooth, consistent operation. They’re extremely durable, won’t crack in the cold and are self-lubricating. So both your maintenance time and your downtime are seriously reduced.

Durable Cutting Edge

The cutting edge is a carefully crafted 1-inch thick strip of rubber protecting the plow while providing quieter operation on multiple surfaces. It is bolted on using a full-length adjustable strap for easy replacement and longer wear life.



5-Year America's Best Warranty

Meyer is proud to offer a full five-year warranty on complete plow systems with an online registration.  The competition can’t beat that.

5 Year Warrenty

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Easy on, Easy off

The Power Box easily attaches to tractors, skid steers and compact wheel loaders using a standard universal plate system. Using the machine's controls, the hydraulic wings easily move the plow in and out for better maneuverability.

Attaches To Off-Road Vehicles

The Power Box allows your tractor, skid steer or compact wheel loader to become an all-season work horse quickly and easily.

Quick Connection

The Power Box uses a standard universal plate system which can tilt to adjust to uneven surfaces. Simply pull up with your machine's loader arms, connect the hydraulic hoses, and you're on your way in under a minute.

Easy Operation

Using your machine's controls, the patented hydraulic wings expand the plow anywhere from 8' to 12' for better maneuverability.







Get to know the Power Box.   


Quick Facts:


  • Type: Patented Adjustable Containment Plow-8'-12'

  • Vehicle: Skid Steers, Tractors, and Compact Wheel Loaders

  • Construction: 1/4" Steel

  • Powder Paint: Teflon Powder Paint

  • Weight: 2,109 lbs.


  • Blade Model #: Power Box 8'-12' Blade Type: Moldboard Length: 8' 244 cm Moldboard Height: 36" 91 cm
    Moldboard Gauge: 1/4" 6,4 mm Vertical Ribs: 7 Plow Trip Springs: NA Cutting Edge: 1"x 8" 2,54 cm X 20,32 cm
    Avg Width at Full Angle: NA N/A Angling Rams: 2 1/2" x 22" 26,67 cm x 55,88 cm Weight Complete: 2,109 lbs 957 kg
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